A whole section devoted to those of you who, like us, are potty about pots.

Winter Patio Pots

Winter Patio Pots

It's too late for you to start planting winter flowering pansies in your pots,  so you will need to rely on evergreen foliage plants as seen in these two pots. Try conifers, euonymus, skimmias, evergreen ferns, euphorbias, ivies or dogwood stems.

Christmas and oriental hybrid hellebores will give you long lasting blooms and winter heathers will start performing in February.

Pink Lady Tip: decorate evergreen plants in your garden with outdoor low voltage lights at Christmas and use trimmings from dwarf pines in your garden or from your Lodgepole Pine Christmas tree to furnish your festive wreath.


Bulb Time

A special 40 year celebration ruby-themed potful of bulbs for a stunning Spring display

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Pot Care

As plants start to grow again in the Spring, it’s good to cheer up your existing planted pots.

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