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Treat yourself to a real tree this Christmas

Our extensive range of freshly cut Real Christmas Trees is available for delivery or pickup from the Garden Centre.


Tips - taking care of your real Christmas tree

Treat your cut Christmas tree it as you would a real flower arrangement and keep giving it water.

When you get home you should saw half an inch off the bottom of the trunk and immediately sit it in a bucket of clean water. This will allow it to soak up the water it needs to keep its needles alive and stop them drying up and dropping off.

When you set it up inside choose a stand or bucket that holds water and keep the water topped up.

We've found that even the 'no-needle-drop' trees look much fresher in the house if they are kept in water - it encourages the release of the natural scent of the pine as well.

POT-GROWN TREES - these have been growing in their pots for at least a year and with normal care they will live after Christmas.  Water regularly and put back outside gradually. If the weather is very cold, keep your tree in a shed or garage before putting it outside in a sheltered spot. Remember to check it for water even in winter. Feed and water it during spring and summer.