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Miniature Gardens are becoming really popular in Scotland having been a real craze in America for many years.


With gardens getting smaller and lots of folk downsizing to flats where their gardening has to be contained on a balcony it’s a blinding flash of the obvious that creating miniature gardens in troughs, pots of even borders make such good sense. You can have complete little gardens in the smallest spaces and fit dozens of miniature plants on your balcony or patio!

Capturing kids imaginations by having a miniature garden is such fun for all ages with your own Fairy Garden. Install a house for your fairies and landscape their garden with seats, stepping stones, miniature plants and fences and arches. Perhaps you can fix a fairy door to a tree in the garden or the bedroom skirting board to fire their imaginations – but please be gentle with living trees and fix a fairy door with love and care!

We have everything you’ll need to create a fairy garden – containers, compost, gravels, patios, ponds, urns and planters, fences and arches, bird feeders and tables… the choice is endless!

Pick up a copy of our purple piglet project on Fairy houses at the Garden Centre for the complete instructions for creating your own fairy garden.

Miniature Gardens made a big impact at Gardening Scotland!

As the Scottish home of miniature gardening we took a huge display of miniature gardening in the Floral hall at this year’s Gardening Scotland Show. Visitors of all ages were delighted by our gardens and cameras clicked constantly for the three days of the show.

Our gardens showed how the miniature houses and accessories could be included in miniature landscapes – from the smallest pot on your balcony or patio to large beds in your garden. We featured miniature plants, especially conifers and alpine plants that allow you to create complete landscapes. The whole display was called ‘Hopetoun Hollows’ and each quarter featured a season and hills running down to a Hollow.

The Winter garden featured a ski slope with pine trees coming down to a village with all the houses and church light up.

Spring featured the Miniature World Village pieces around a village green with a church and graveyard. There were surprises everywhere – a sheep dog with sheep on the mossy hummocks and cats asleep on the lawn while a rabbit munchged the grass.

In Summer the Hollows became a beach scene backed by craggy cliffs running down to the sand and a pier.

Autumn was the Fairy playground with fairies, trolls, pumpkin houses, log cottages and a gypsy camp site.

On top of the shed that supported the winter ski slope there was a fantasy garden. Inside the shed were bowls planted with succulents that would live inside on a sunny windowsill – perfect for a hot sunny conservatory

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