Welcome to a New Hopetoun Gardens Christmas!

With easy, free parking out of town, the delights of the Orangery Tearoom, the most wonderful Christmas decorations and choice of gifts for everyone - this is the place to come.

We can help with real Christmas Trees & Wreaths and if you are stuck for ideas for gardener, we offer gift cards and gardening vouchers.

Christmas Nostalgia

Whether it be our memories, the tree decorations or the carols, festive food and the smells; it is the season of nostalgic memories.

When we were planning this year's gift section Lesley came up with her memories of Dean Martin singing The Birds and the Bees... "Let me tall ya 'bout the Birds and the Bees, the flowers and the trees, and the moon up above and a thing called love"...

Here we have chosen a few gifts from our tempting selection to inspire you. We have arranged them in Lesley's nostalgic themes and have included a range of prices and gifts from all our different collections.

The Birds...

Sam and Scott are admiring the new Honeyfields range in the Birdhouse

Please don't forget to feed and water your garden bird visitors this winter. There are lots of wonderful gift items in our "Birdhouse".

Wax Lyrical's Fragranced Tealights: £5.95
Fragranced Reed Diffuser: £10.95
Freya Swan Water Bottle: £16.95
Pair of Resin Robins: £9.95
Bird Families Tin: £3.45
Bomb Cosmetics Robin The Rich Gift Box:£14.95
Chloe Gardner Large Mug: £11.95
Sandar Vick's Espresso Mug: £16.95
Robin Jug: £6.45
Boxed Bird Mug: £5.95
National Garden Gift Vouchers which can be used in participating Garden Centres across Scotland and the rest of the UK.

The Bees...

Jule gets Graham and Tim to taste the different Edinburgh Honeys available.

Did you know there are many species of bee? So we shouldn't have been surprised that so many of our gifts are decorated with Bees.

Edinburgh Honey (small) £4.45 (Large) £11.45
Natural Bees Wax Wrap 3 ass. sheets £21.00
Foldable Bum Bag £15.45
Wooden Push-along Bee £8.95
Buzz & Dotty Kneelo £16.95
Garden & Backyard Tin Bee House £14.95
Bee coaster Set £7.45
Queen Bee Trinket Dish: £7.45
Busy Bee Mug Set (4) £20.95

Flowers and Trees...

Twenty years ago we only offered gifts that related to flowers and trees, either gardening things, or things decorated with floral patterns. Today we have had to expand our gift offering to you & New Hopetoun Gardens Gift Vouchers.

Make Your Own Gin Kits £32.95
Enchanted Forest Bath Flowers £13.45
Old Tupton Ware Pottery Vase £25.95
Kids Bamboo Feeding Set £11.45
British Bloom Collection Kneelo: £22.95
Pottery Mug £6.45
Wall Plaque / Coaster £7.95
Potcover £4.99 (with Anthurium houseplant) £11.45

The Moon up Above...

Clarie, Olivia and Nicola creating our Moon up Above Collection

Moon Chess Shadow Lamp £15.95
The Moon Explorers Model Book £4.99
Hellebore Moon Beam £10.95
Love You to the Moon and back Soap £5.95
On the Rocks Drinks Coolers £10.45
Resin Moon Gazing Hare £ £5.45
Scarves from £5.95

And a Thing Called Love

Lesley and Tim couldn't agree on which is the most lovable

We gave them lovable hotwater bottles, cosy microwaveable heat packs and cuddly toys to play with.

Extra long hotwater bottle £19.95
Love Lilly Airplant Setting £15.99
Heart to Heart small teapot £16.95
Bomb Cosmetics Bath Blaster £8.45
Birth Stone Heart £10.95
Love Nature Fatball Birdfeeder £7.95
Twin Huggables Hot Pack £15.95